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Solar sets

Overview of solar sets

Set no.Type of collectorAbsorption surfaceStorage tank
12x 2100TLP AC3,64 m2200 l
22x 2100TLP AC3,64 m2250 l
32x 2100TLP ACR3,64 m2200 l
82x 2100TLP ACR3,64 m2250 l
42x 2600TLP ACR4,72 m2250 l
52x 2600TLP AC4,72 m2300 l
63x 2100TLP AC5,46 m2300 l
73x 2100TLP ACR5,46 m2300 l

Type of collector:

  • 2100TLP - total collector area 2.06 m2 (2018 x 1037 mm), collector absorption area 1.82 m2
  • 2600TLP - total collector area 2.62 m2 (2018 x 1314 mm), absorption area of the collector 2.36 m2
  • AC - solar collector with structural glass, radiation transmittance 91.6%, optical efficiency 75.3%
  • ACR - solar collector with structural anti-reflective glass, radiation transmittance 96.7%, optical efficiency 79.1%

The division of the sets into 2 - 4 or 3 - 5 people is only indicative. In general, a tank with a volume of 200 l with 2 pieces of collectors is enough for 2 adults. And for 3+ people, a larger tank volume with higher number of collectors is recommended.

There are various collector assemblies with a tank, whether in terms of dimensions or efficiency. You can choose suitable carriers for the assemblies according to your roof and method of attachment.

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