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Siliphos H10BB complet

Siliphos H10BB complet Flow system with Siliphos H10BB is used to treat drinking water. Siliphos prevents the formation of limescale and rust, which i... celý popis
Product number:H10BB
Complete specification

Siliphos H10BB complet

Flow system with Siliphos H10BB is used to treat drinking water. Siliphos prevents the formation of limescale and rust, which increase energy consumption for water heating. The end effect of using Siliphos is a significant reduction in energy costs.

Suitable for a large family house or a smaller apartment building.

Product description:

The Siliphos flow-through device is a universal and economical solution that prevents limescale build-up and corrosion in drinking water distribution systems and prevents the formation of limescale in hot water systems as well as in any water heating in flats and houses.

The flow-through device with Siliphos is also successfully applied in hotels, boarding houses, restaurants, fitness centers, shopping centers, apartment buildings, food and other manufacturing companies. Siliphos is used wherever the water is hard or very soft.

Siliphos performs three functions:

  • on the metal surface of distributions, heating elements and spirals, on nozzles, measuring and regulating elements, batteries and sanitary mechanisms it creates a microfilm, which completely prevents the formation of limescale and rust
  • does not allow calcium and magnesium dissolved in water to settle on metal and ceramic surfaces in the form of limescale
  • gradually removes old limescale and rust from metal surfaces.

Technical solution proposal for Siliphos:

Siliphos flow-through devices can be installed on any water system and do not require electricity. Assembly and refilling is absolutely simple.

Siliphos is a special product, manufactured in Germany and used for more than 35 years throughout Europe. It has the consent of the hygienic authorities in all EU countries for its use for drinking water.

The use of Siliphos is not softening, the water remains just as hard, ie healthy. Hard water is healthier than soft water. Compared to softening, Siliphos is cheaper to procure and operate.


  • container dimensions (height x diameter): 32 x 19 cm
  • connection 1"
  • for buildings with water consumption up to 1800 m3 / year

The set contains:

  • container H10BB
  • container
  • 1800g Siliphos
  • assembly key
  • console

Procurement costs will be recouped very quickly, as Siliphos will prevent the formation of limescale or rust incrustations. In the first place, limescale and rust significantly worsen the parameters of heat transfer and the same amount of hot water consumes 30-40% more energy than if limescale and rust do not form. The service life of energy equipment will be extended. Further savings will be reflected in the saving of cleaning agents for batteries and ceramic tiles.

The flow system in the main drinking water supply will treat all equipment (water distribution, faucets, instantaneous water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, kettles, irons, bathroom tiles, bathtubs, toilets, etc.).

The size of the flow device depends on water consumption. Because the maximum consumption is about 66% of all-day consumption and lasts a maximum of 2 hours, it is necessary to dimension the flow devices so that there is no shortage of water during peak consumption. The maximum working pressure is 10 bar. Pressure loss will be minimal.

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