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Room manual thermostat AVANSA TH 1

Avansa TH1Modern mechanical thermostat AVANSA TH1Installing the thermostat: During assembly, the thermostat must be disconnected from the mains. ... celý popis
Product number:AVANSA TH 1
Complete specification

Avansa TH1

Modern mechanical thermostat AVANSA TH1

Installing the thermostat:
During assembly, the thermostat must be disconnected from the mains. Reliable operation depends to a large extent on the correct mounting location. The thermostat should be mounted in a location away from heat sources (radiator, television, refrigerator) and away from direct sunlight for at least 1.5 m. It is not recommended to install near the door due to airflow. The terminals of the connecting cables are located inside the thermostat To get to the terminals, you need to select the setting knob and remove the screws attaching the cover.The connection is possible according to the enclosed diagram in the package.
Technical parameters:
Voltage: 16A 250V
Contact: AG 1000/1000
Operating temperature: +5 to +30°C
Temperature difference: < 1°C
Temperature gradient: 1°C / 10 min
Protection: IP20

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