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Programmable wireless room thermostat EUROSTER 2006 TX

Euroster 2006 TX Universal temperature controller, used to control the operation of CH boiler and other elements of the heating installation. Controls... celý popis
Product number:EUROSTER 2006 TX
Complete specification

Euroster 2006 TX

Universal temperature controller, used to control the operation of CH boiler and other elements of the heating installation. Controls electric appliances, underfloor heating and air conditioning systems.

After its activation Euroster 2006TX has the following pre-programmed settings: comfort (day-time) temperature (20.4ºC) set on weekdays  Mon.-Fri. 6:00 - 22:00 and weekends Sat. - Sun. 7:00 - 22:30. Whereas night-time temperature (16.2ºC)  is set on Mon.-Fri. 22:00 - 6:00 and Sat. - Sun. 22:30 - 7:00. Each of the pre-programmed settings can be customized accordingly to the user needs.

Euroster 2006TX is a wireless programmable thermostat offering a very user-friendly and effective way of controlling the room temperature without the need for time-consuming installation of wires between the thermostat and the heating appliance. From practical point of view, Euroster 2006TX may be relocated as needed.

Euroster 2006TX has a simplified, intuitional programming panel allowing to change the temperature settings without interfering in the program. The thermostat is equipped with a modern sensor that allows monitoring the temperature with 0,1ºC accuracy and programming the temperature with 0,2ºC accuracy.

Euroster 2006TX has three temperature levels: day-time temperature, night-time temperature and freeze protection temperature. The day-time and night-time temperatures are adjustable, while freeze protection is factory-preset and cannot be changed.

Euroster 2006TX is programmable on weekly basis with 0.5 hour accuracy, hence the temperature may be changed 48 times a day.

The thermostat features manual programming of various time patterns (time settings) for each of the weekdays.

Euroster 2006TX allows the heating appliance to work with the constant temperature setting, temporary override setting and the freeze protection setting (5ºC).

Technical parameters:

Device controlledCH / air conditioning systems
Power supplythermostat: 3 V (2 AA alkaline batteries)
receiver: 230 V 50 Hz
Receiver rated power consumption1 W
Receiver outputvoltage-free SPDT relay 
Rated load5 A 230 V 50 Hz
Range in built-up areaup to 30 m
Temperature measurement range0°C...+50°C
Temperature control range+5°C...+35°C
Temperature control accuracy0,2°C
Temperature reading accuracy0,1°C 
Temperature control hysteresis0,4°C / 1°C
Status visualizationthermostat: LCD / receiver: LED diodes
Operating temperature range+5°C...+45°C
Storage temperature range0°C...+65°C
IP ratingIP 20, class II protection against electric shocks
Mount methodthermostat: wall mounted socket
receiver: 230 V 50 Hz mains socket
Weightthermostat: 157 g  (without batteries)
receiver: 288 g
Certificates/standardscompatibility with the R&TTE Directive
Dimensions (W/H/D) mmthermostat: 138/86/29
receiver: 64/112/68


























Package contains:

  • thermostat Euroster 2006TX
  • Euroster RX receiver
  • wall plugs
  • instructions
  • batteries
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