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Backup power supplies

A backup power supply for gas boilers and circulating pumps should already be part of every boiler room. First, it protects the boiler, control and circulation pump against overvoltage, so it also provides overvoltage protection and, most importantly, provides enough electricity for several hours of operation in the event of a power failure.

This function is very important for boilers for wood or other fuel. Since the wood or coal in the boiler burns longer and cannot be easily shut down, the boiler heats up constantly and the boiler overheats within a few minutes when the circulation pump is stopped. The high temperature in the boiler can cause the welds to break or even cause a fire in the external insulation of the boiler. The backup power supply will continue to drive the control or circulation pump in the event of a power failure, thus avoiding such a problem.

It can take several hours to run on battery power, but it depends on the number of consumption points and the performance of the device. All backup power supplies include surge protection and one or two electrical outlets with a safety pin.

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